I have worn out the motor in my sewing machine. This is the opinion of my machine dealer/repairman. The loud screech I described in my previous post, was the motor giving up its last bit of life. It will take about 2 weeks to get the parts, so, for now, she is in the shop and they don’t allow visitation.

I miss my Juki. We made some beautiful quilts together. We made a couple of dogs too, but that is the way all relationships go. Whether it is a person, pet or machine, there are good times and bad, arguments and love fests. When she sews, she makes a soothing humming sound. I think that sound makes a difference in my free motion quilting. The Viking I am currently using makes a ‘clank clank’ sound. My free motion with this machine is not as ‘free’ as it is with the Juki.

To repair or replace her was a very difficult decision. I am surprised at how attached I have become. But, maybe not so surprising, given that I spend so much time with my sewing machine. With a new motor she should make it for at least a few more years. I want her back so much.