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I finished “Cross Hatch” almost a month ago, so now it is about time to start a new big project. I want to make a special quilt for Nephew Number Three and his bride for their wedding in June 2013. I better get started if I want it to be done in time.

A wedding quilt seems like an appropriate occasion for a mostly whole cloth quilt and I really like the look of trapunto with a solid background. I think I may give it a try. I took a machine trapunto class from Hari Walner several years ago, but haven’t tried the technique since. The first step is to practice. Here is the process I learned from Hari.

First, I drew a design on a 6.5 inch square of Kona white. I used a blue, water soluable marker. Then I laid the fabric square over a scrap piece of medium loft silk batting.
Next, I put water soluable thread on top and regular white thread in the bobbin and free motion stitched the batting and square together following the blue lines.

Then, I cut away the batting from the background area, leaving batting only in the areas I want to appear padded. This is how it looks from the back.

Next, I made a regular quilt sandwhich. I laid down a second 6.5 inch square of Kona white. Then added another piece of silk batting, then added the top piece I just made with the extra batting attached. I pined the corners to keep it stable.
I just free motion quilted the square.

I outlined the design in white thread first. Then, I tried several different background quilting motifs using different colors of thread.

The last step is to soak the piece in water. This disolves the water soluable basting stitiches and makes the blue marks disappear. The white bobbin thread is buried between the two layers of batting. I like the white thread on the white fabric better than the colored thread. My mistakes don’t show up as much. I also like the background motif in the lower left corner. The trapunto shows up nicely.