Several months ago I was browsing the website for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and came across this painting:

Between the Clock and the Bed by Jasper Johns (1981) Museum of Modern Art - New York

This became the inspiration for my entry into the Kona Solids Challenge. Many members of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild participated in the challenge. Photos of all the entries are posted on Flickr.

Here is my entry:

My entry into the Kona Solids Challenge

While working on the quilt for the challenge, it occured to me that this design might work well in hand-dyed fabrics. So, for the last several weeks I have been working on a new version of it. Here is what I have completed so far:

A view of the entire project

It currently measures about 75 inches wide and 24 inches long. I am planning to make the finished size about 72 x 85. So, I have quite a lot left to do.