I had the following e-mail conversation with my friend Debbie. I am posting a slightly edited version here with her permission:

Debbie wrote:

When I soak the top I’m trying to get the dye out of, should I use hot water?

I’m planning to soak it in a dish tub, not the washer. Do you think it needs to be agitated or will soaking work?



Ginia wrote:


Use hot water. Agitation helps to lift the dye particles. If you are not agitating, you will have to repeat the soak and rinse cycle more often.

If you are using a dish tub. Can you put it in the washer to spin after it soaks? Spinning all the water and loose dye between each rinse helps, too.

Here is something I did once that worked pretty well.

My washer has a drainage hose that dumps the water into my laundry tub. I put the fabric in the tub and let it sit there while I did several loads of laundry. As the washer went through its cycle it dumped the water into the tub and it drained away rinsing my fabric as it went. I didn’t squeeze or do anything, I just let it sit there. Each washer load, rinsed my fabric twice, once for the wash cycle and another for the rinse cycle. When I was done doing laundry, I put the fabric in the washer and ran it through a spin only cycle. Then filled the washer with the hottest water and let the fabric soak overnight. The next day I drained the washer, spun the fabric and ran it through another clean hot wash and spin. The water ran clear. I ran the fabric through a full hot wash and rinse cycle using Synthrapol.