Washing Out Instructions

1)  Let dyed items sit in the wet dye solution at least 8 hours before beginning the washing-out process.  The dye solution will be inert after about 8 hours.  About 24 hours seems to be the best time.  I have let them sit in the dye pots for as long as 7 days.

2)  Dump the contents of the dye pots into your laundry tub letting the extra dye solution drain away.  Rinse in cold water.  This step is very important.  The cold water stops the dye process if anything is still going on.  Wring out all the excess water.  Put the pieces into the washing machine and spin. 

3)  Fill the washer with cold water and let the dyed items soak for at least 2-8 hours.  The longer you soak, the less washing out you will have to do later.  

4)  After soaking, drain the water and spin.  Re-fill the washer with warm water.  Let soak for another 2-8 hours. 

5)  After soaking, drain the water and spin.  Re-fill the washer with hot water.  Let soak for 2-8 hours, drain the water and spin.  Repeat this step until the rinse water runs clear.  You may have to repeat this step several times. 

Note:  Blue and black will run the longest and yellow tends to run the least.  I have repeated Step 5 as much as 7 times for blue or black.

Note:  I set my hot water heater to 150°F for washing out.   If your hot water is below 140°F, you can raise the temperature by boiling water on your stove and adding it to the washer before you fill it.

6)  After the rinse water runs clear, do a final wash using the hottest water available to you and add about 1-2 tablespoons of Synthrapol.

7)  Check the final rinse water as it comes out of the washer.  If there is any color at all, repeat Step 5 until the water runs clear.

8)  Dry your fabric in the dryer and iron with a cotton setting.  The ironing helps to set the color and brings out the variation. 

9)  The fabric may feel stiff after all the processing.  If you want a softer feel, wash it in cold water with a very small amount of fabric softener.  I use a ¼ of the amount called for on the bottle.