My name is Ginia and I am a quilter. 

That sounds a bit like an introduction at a 12 step program.  Well, maybe that is appropriate since quilting is a passion for me.  I have been quilting since I was a young girl.  The first quilt I made completely by myself was for a baby shower given for my youngest aunt.  It was pale blue, yellow, peach and lime green with a solid yellow flannel backing.  In those days it wasn’t a ‘real’ quilt unless it was hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  So, I did it all by hand.  These days I do everything by machine. 

Lately, I have been dyeing a lot of my own fabrics.  I use a lot of color runs in my quilts and find it very difficult to find runs of 4 or more in the quilt shops.

I plan to use this blog to show off my quilts and dyed fabrics.  Share my thoughts and ideas with those interested and hopefully you will do the same with me.

If you find this blog interesting, please, post a message and introduce yourself.  I would like to know your name, geographical location and anything about yourself you feel comfortable sharing.  Tell me about your first quilt, your latest quilt or your favorite quilt.  Feel free to share quilt designs, experiences and opinions. 

Everything on this site including photos, quilt designs and block instructions, are under copy right to me.  You may download and print anything here for your personal use, but any commercial use is prohibited.

Welcome to my blog,